Joe Pernice and Tom Monahan, with Pat Berkery on drums

Darren RademakerThoughts from Saturday's show at the Mercury Lounge:
- Both The Pernice Brothers and The Tyde put on good shows; The Tyde pretty much ran through the whole track list for their new album.
- Crowd was older than expected for The Pernice Brothers.
- 6'4" guy had no compunction about standing in the front and blocking people's line of vision.
- Girl essentially doing Elaine's little kicks dance (but without the hands) during the Pernice Brothers' set annoyed and nauseated people, especially Jen. Real "full-body dry heave set to music" is not pretty.
- Pat Berkery, from the Bigger Lovers, filling in for Pernice Brothers' drummer Mike Belitsky, was pretty awesome
- Are Asian girl musicians the next big thing for music, the way, as Gizmodo's Peter Rojas pointed out, white female bassists were de rigeur for a while? Example, keyboardist Ann Do of The Tyde. It's either Ann Do's Rapunzel/Cousin Itt like hair or the Asianness that might just be something.