Pop Up ad

Gothamist understands the need for advertising revenue, but this pop up ad from the New York Times website really took the cake. It seemed like a pop up ad appropriate when going to Maxim or FHM. Time to fire off a letter to new public editor, Daniel Okrent. "Dear Daniel, Love the paper, hate your ads." Granted, the ads seem to only appear after 11PM, but they're still kind of downmarket, back of Village Voice or NY Press style.

Apparently it's spyware, not the NYTimes.com, that's behind these ads. Gothamist is sorry for the rush to judgment; apparently our decision not to use a pop up blocker is at the root of this, but our pop up blocker (in our Norton package) prevents us from easy Movable Type posting. So, sorry, NYTimes.com...we will appreciate your ads from reputables advertisers like Neiman Marcus and Tiffany.

Advertising on NYTimes.com