Earlier this month, we learned that the fate of 60 imported palm trees—formerly owned by late restauranteur Steven Greenberg—were up in the air. Greenberg had brought them from Florida in 2006, and put them atop 230 Fifth's rooftop bar every summer (sending them back to Florida for the winter), but they grew too big for the rooftop. Well good news: the trees all have new homes! So all you nice people can stop writing us offering to "take some of them or all of them off [our] hands."

According to the Post, various people came to pick up the trees, which are worth around $60K, for free on Friday. That included restaurateur Sean Sheridan, who took eight of them to put in his BayHouse Restaurant in Breezy Point, Queens (which was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy).

“I was reading my favorite newspaper when I learned about the palm trees. They are a home run for us,” Sheridan said, apparently referring to the Post, which what? Isn't that like admitting you think Donald Trump is a very good businessman? Of course the Post handled the praise with Trump-ian humbleness, headlining their piece, "Orphaned palms take root, thanks to Post."