We've been very concerned this summer about the continued absence of Brooklyn's iconic Thong Guy, the scantily-clad sunbathing god responsible for holding together the fabric of the space-time continuum on the strength of his yellow G-string. (During spring and summer, anyway; the rest of the year it's held together by Dante's Shovel.) Usually our tips inbox sees a steady trickle of photos depicting sweet sweet Thong Guy in repose, but this summer has been noticeably devoid of documentation... until yesterday.

We are happy to report that tipster Fausto Palazzetti spotted our hero "getting some sun" in Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday, thus marking the end of a long, anxiety-provoking Thong Guy drought. Thong Guy LIVES! Huge sigh of relief. Sort of.

During an exclusive interview with Gothamist in 2012, we asked Thong Guy what brand of thong he prefers, and if he owns multiple thongs or just rewashes the same one. He replied, "Surely there's more important stuff to write about?" LOLZ.