You might recall the post we did last week on Thomas Brodin's pictures from inside the Greenpoint Terminal Market. We had to take that one down, because there were some problems clearing the photo rights, but Thomas and his reps worked really hard to put together a new set that we could share with our readers. These pictures are going to blow you away-- check out the whole set of twelve pictures at Thomas' site. Thomas' reps also sent along some background on the pictures:

Right after arriving from his native Paris some weeks ago, the Greenpoint Terminal triggered the curiosity of professional lensman Thomas Brodin, 28. Even when he shoots for clients from Teen Vogue to Krug Champagne, his eyes are constantly scouting for unusual architecture and spaces. He came across the sculpture of a makeshift bed when he photographed friends posing on heaps of discarded clothing on a recent Sunday. Nine days later, he caught the trucks from Engine 238 and Ladder 106 trying to dose the last flames.

Awesome stuff! Thomas said he'd go back as soon as the area is more accessible, and we'll post more if he send new pictures to us. [Related: the Times has a great article spotlighting some of the renegades and squatters that made use of the market buildings before the fire.]

Note: Thomas is a professional shooter, and his representatives are deadly serious about protecting his rights-- so please get permission from them before you copy or post any of these pix.