Photos by AMNH\R. Mickens, and AMNH\D. Finnin.

php6vzyUQPM.jpgSeems like just yesterday the Mythic Creatures themed tree was unveiled, but earlier today the Museum of Natural History presented their 30th annual origami holiday tree. Up through January 1st, this 13-footer is adorned with all sorts of creatures, including dinosaurs of course!

The theme of this year’s tree is "Folding the Museum, featuring colorful paper ornaments representing denizens of the habitat dioramas, permanent halls, and special exhibitions." From horseshoe crabs to frilled lizards, they're all there. And once again the two Holiday Barosaurs will be greeting visitors to the Museum on the front steps throughout the season.

Fun fact: The volunteers began folding in July to complete the approximately 500 creations displayed on the tree. Check out all the handiwork up close, the tree is located in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. More details here.