Welcome to MURDER ROOF (Courtesy of The Met)

This year the Metropolitan Museum of Art has taken a turn towards the dark side with their roof garden installation. The site-specific work is from artist Imran Qureshi, and the finished product looks like a large-scale promotional piece for Dexter. Or the scene of a gruesome, bloody murder spree (but with gorgeous views of a lush and alive Central Park!).

While up-close the red markings show ornamental patterns, from any distance it looks like a slaughter went down, which is sort of the point—the project "represents an emotional response to violence occurring across the globe in recent decades and his earnest hope for regeneration and lasting peace in the aftermath of man-made disasters." But is this really what we need to think about when we're trying to enjoy a little friggin' escapism on a sunny summer afternoon? As Gwynnie would say: "UN-FUN."

Murder Roof in progress (Courtesy of The Met)

If you can detach yourself from every terrible, tragic, bloody thing that's happened in this world, however, the piece is actually really gorgeous—Qureshi hand-painted his work on the 8,000-square-foot open-air space. And while it's not as interactive as the previous installations, visitors (it's open to the public now) are encouraged to walk all over it.