At some point before their 2004 divorce, Kim Cattrall and her husband Mark Levinson appeared together to, ultimately, deliver a perfect 42-seconds of television. It has gone largely ignored, but over time it has gained some fans.

"It’s made my life better" — Rich Juzwiak, Defamer

As noted in that Defamer article, what you are about to see is some sort of interpretive version of Rupert Brooke's poem "The Little Dog's Day."

And now, those both new and familiar to the clip are in for a weird treat. The curators of The THNK1994 Museum (who brought us the Harding & Kerrigan exhibit) are dedicating their new storefront space to the moment with their latest exhibit, aptly titled: Yama Kippi Yay Bo. They say to "expect very real and very big art, live performances and events, and an installation that will take you inside the YouTube video, Yama Kippi YOU Bo." There is also art for sale.

THNK1994 is located at 1436 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The exhibit is now open alongside their permanent collection.