First and foremost I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I offended the commenter in yesterday's post. I can't make any guarantees one way or another, but what do you think? Should this post be daily or weekly? Feel free to use the comment section. That said. here's what's happening Wednesday through Sunday.

The Raveonettes Last night I watched Stars headline the Darfur benefit show at Northsix in Williamsburg. It goes without saying that Stars (who are from Montreal, but were actually living in Williamsburg when they started the band) put on a good show. As a bonus, there couldn't have been more than 100 people in the audience by the time Stars took the stage (not crowded). I guess there wasn't much demand for a Tuesday night show in Williamsburg that didn't even start until after midnight (I'm not counting the openers). You can (try and) catch Stars tonight at Bowery Ballroom, and at Southpaw on Saturday. Both shows are sold out (crowded).

I might go see Stars again tonight if I didn't also accidentally buy tickets to two other shows. The competition for my attendance is fierce with the Raveonettes, Morningwood, and Saints & Lovers all on the same bill at Mercury Lounge. Get there early so you don't miss any of the popular NY and Danish rock bands. If you see Morningwood, make sure to congratulate them on their recent signing to Capitol Records. If you miss the Raveonettes tonight, they're also playing Southpaw on Thursday.

adam green We can thank the Tribeca Film Festival for mixing things up this week. On Monday we had the free Calla/Cloud Room show at Knitting Factory. (Did you go? How was it?) Tonight there are two more movie-related shows going on. Most exciting has to be the back-to-back Jon Brion shows at Tonic. As IMDB points out, Jon is credited with composing at least six movie soundtracks. He's also an acclaimed singer-songwriter. Both of his performances are sold out tonight, so you might want to head over to the Delancey instead. There you'll catch Bishop Allen playing to celebrate the release of Funny Ha Ha (for free).

Huge in Germany, the quirky New Yorker Adam Green plays Bowery Ballroom Thursday night. Jessica Simpson where has your love gone? TV on the Radio are good at giving obscure parties & fundraisers in Brooklyn a celebrity lineup. That's because of all the critical acclaim the Brooklyn band got last year. Hard to classify, you'll find them at Club Exit in Williamsburg (also Thursday night)

If it's heavy/hard rock/music/metal you want, then VICE records signee Death From Above 1979 is a good choice. The indie superstars are playing Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge this week. Controller Controller bring female fronted dance rock from Canada, and they open both shows.

And now the day by day...


Kelly Clarkson = American idol pop sensation.

Mercury Lounge - The Raveonettes, Morningwood, Saints and Lovers
Pianos - Ed Harcourt, Rormark, Nathan Wilson of Brighton
The Delancey - Bishop Allen
Bowery Ballroom - Stars, Jenny Whiteley
Northsix - EL-P, DJ Signify & Steinski (live), Healamonster & Tarsier (live), Erik Horversten, Special Guests
Pianos - Home Video, My Best Fiend
Hammerstein Ballroom - Kelly Clarkson
Tonic - Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Tonic - Jon Brion


The reunited New York Dolls start a three night run at Irving Plaza.

Adult were playing electroclash before electroclash was a word (for fans of Kraftwerk).

Rothko (early show) - Miss Kittin & Guests
Club Exit (Williamsburg Warriors Rally/Party) - TV on the Radio, Dragons of Zinth, Apollo Heights, Roxy Pain, Tha Pumpsta with Chief Quievie, DJ Kill Whitey
Knitting Factory - Mahjongg, Palomar, Breaker! Breaker!
Sin-e - Rahim, Gospel (ex-Helen of Troy), Meneguar, Free Republic (of Soul)
Mercury Lounge - Adult, Gold Chains, Sue Cie, Genders
Southpaw - The Raveonettes, The Dirtbombs, Organ
Bowery Ballroom - Adam Green, The Witnesses, The Gnomes
Irving Plaza - New York Dolls, The Explosion
Rothko - Miss Kittin & Guests
Joe's Pub - Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead
Beacon Theater - Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard & Amos Lee
Tonic - Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra


After many years of time-off, England's The Wedding Present are back. Up and coming, Crystal Skulls open the show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tonic - Big A little a, Parts and Labor
The Delancey - Fiasco, My Favorite, Les Sans Cullottes, Soft Complex, Arbor Day
Tonic - Elysian Fields
Bowery Ballroom - The Wedding Present, Crystal Skulls
Irving Plaza - New York Dolls, Burning Brides
Trash - Read Yellow, Scatter The Ashes, Eyes Like Knives, Kite Operations
Mercury Lounge - Adult, Gold Chains, Sue Cie, Genders
Tonic - Elysian Fields
Knitting Factory (Main Space) - The Forty Fives, Jennifer Gentle, The Capitol Years
Hammerstein Ballroom - Korean Music Festival
Roseland - King Sunny Ade: the Great African Ball
Beacon Theater - Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard & Amos Lee


OC fans pay attention. Phantom Planet wrote the theme song.

Pete's Candy Store - Sylvie Lewis, Au Revoir Simone, Hula, Ethan Lipton, Kelly Buchanan, Die Romantik, Mike Wexler ("a Deli Magazine BBQ Party thang. Come one, come all, plates of bbq for $3.")
Knitting Factory - Phantom Planet, Soft (late and early show)
Magnetic Field - Monumentals, Triple Deuce
Southpaw - Stars, Jenny Whiteley
Tonic (Presented by Fringe Benefits) - Apollo Heights, The Gray Kid, TH White, Isaiah
Mercury Lounge - Joe Pernice, Anne Heaton, Kaiser Cartel
Bowery Ballroom - Death From Above 1979, Controller.Controller, Uncut
Irving Plaza - New York Dolls
Northsix - Q and Not U, Food for Animals, Manhunter
Don Hill's - Passenger, K and the Boys
Maxwell's - The Wedding Present, Crystal Skulls
Knitting Factory (Main Space) - Phantom Planet, The Harlem Shakes
Knitting Factory (Old Office) - Archaeopteryx, Les Angles Morts, Fxxxing Lion
Lit - Reid Paley, Peg Simone, American Ambulance
Barbes - One Ring Zero
Roseland - Audioslave
Beacon Theater - Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard & Amos Lee


Don't miss the comedy of Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale at Pianos. The show is being taped for a Comedy Central CD too.

Sin-e - Dirty Projectors, Dogme 95, Lucky Dragons, Ryan Doyle
Mercury Lounge - Death From Above 1979, Controller.Controller, Uncut
Maxwell's - The Dirtbombs, The Ghetto-Ways
Pianos - Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale

What did I miss?