Last week culminated with Paul Ryan and Donald Trump tying their legs together and trying to walk up the stairs, only to tumble down and rip their pants open as they landed in a crumpled heap. Still, nothing is over, even if Paul Ryan meekly threw in the towel on turning the Affordable Care Act into the "Tax Credits For Hunting Poor People For Sport Act." That only happened, after all, because enough people yelled and screamed to make Congress afraid, so get out there and keep them fearful.

Civics 101
There's so much to do to build a political resistance not just to Donald Trump, but Trumpism and right wing nationalism. Beyond the marching, there's slow, grinding work in the trenches that has to be done, and you can learn more about what it all takes at this workshop going over some basics of political organizing. Rally+Rise will teach you all about the ways political parties are structured in America; how to work within the system to effect change; and political geography, which studies the relationship of people, the state and the land where they live.
$5-$60, Monday, March 27, 7 p.m., The Flatiron School, 11 Broadway, #215

Digital Privacy Workshop for Activists
Fun fact: the surveillance state will live on after Trump. Responsible conservative George W. Bush and everyone's best friend Barack Obama helped build it, because spying on Americans who have nothing to hide is a bi-partisan concern. And don't forget tech giants who see you as less of a human and more of huge trove of consumer data to sell to whoever. Wheee. So what can you do to live in the surveillance state as freely as possible? Find out at this workshop, which will cover concrete steps like which programs and browsers you should use to secure the most privacy, and more complex questions like how to normalize privacy in your every day existence, and how you can start moving away from relying on companies like Facebook and Google.
FREE, Monday, March 27, 7 p.m., Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center, 172 Allen Street

Demystifying Government: Legislative Illusions
Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about Congress but were afraid to ask (and in fact you don't even need to ask during the Q & A if you're still afraid to). Tonight's panel discussion hosted by Demystifying Government will cover what exactly the powers given to Congress mean for the federal budget, what keeps Congressional representatives afraid of slobs like you, and how banking legislation left us stewing in this awful mess we're in today. Also, there will be cookies for $1 each, with proceeds going towards a TBD non-profit that works in whatever field Trump is screwing over the most this week.
FREE, Monday, March 27, 7:30 p.m., Vital Joint, 109 Meserole Street

Deep Canvassing/Voter Persuasion Education & Fundraiser Kickoff
Have you heard of deep canvassing? It's a type of canvassing that involves longer, sustained door-to-door conversations with voters in order to get them to change their minds on issues. It got a whole big Times Magazine writeup last year, and there's some evidence that it really does change minds. The 2018 midterms coming up soon enough, and you're a person who loves steak and other food, so combine those two things into one at a fundraiser for the group studying and training people in deep canvassing. Just think, the light snacks you eat and cocktail you drink today could be the big difference in turning out support for anti-Trump candidates tomorrow.
Cash bar/donations, Monday, March 27, 7:30 p.m., M. Wells, 43-15 Crescent Street

City of Refuge: 24 Hour Action for Refugees
Activists will be holding a 24-hour action in support of immigrants and refugees and against the Trump administration's repeated attempts to restrict their flow into America. Things will start with a rally in front of 40 Wall Street, followed by a march down to Trinity Church, and then turn into a daylong program on how you can support immigrants' and refugees' rights. On Wednesday, activists will march from Trinity Church to Federal Plaza and have a noon rally at Foley Square. Be there or risk the wrath of the Statue of Liberty coming to life like it did in Ghostbusters 2.
FREE, Tuesday, March 28, 12:30 p.m., 40 Wall Street

Queens DSA March Branch Meeting
In the wake of the laughable Republican failure on health care, Bernie Sanders is about to introduce a "Medicare for All" universal health insurance bill. Now is as good a time as ever for you to see what the Democratic Socialists of America are all about, now that their most prominent democratic socialist in America really having a sustained moment out there. If you're in Queens and you're socialism-curious, or ready to jump in with both feet, this is the place for you.
FREE, Tuesday, March 28, 7 p.m., CUNY School of Law, 2 Court Square

Lunch At Cuomo's - Rally for Reproductive RIghts
It's another Wednesday, so you know what that means! Rallying outside of Andrew Cuomo's office demanding he do whatever it takes to pass the Reproductive Rights Health Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade's abortion rights into state law. Women in New York dodged a bullet when the AHCA crashed and burned, but that probably won't happen every time. Plus, after two days of gray skies and rain, it's supposed to be real nice on Wednesday, so what better time to rally outside on your lunch break?
FREE, Wednesday, March 29, noon, 633 3rd Avenue

Labor, Trump, and the Fight for Economic Justice
Sometimes it can be hard to look toward the future and see anything, what with all the fights that are taking place today. Still, it couldn't hurt to think about the next ten or twenty years in fighting nationalism and right wing economics. So, check out this panel discussion hosted by Dissent, featuring organizers of the Yemeni bodega strike and the JFK taxi strike. The panel will focus on the question of what the future of economic justice movements will look like.
FREE, Wednesday, March 29, 6 p.m., The Moot Courtroom, Fordham Law, 150 West 62nd Street

Cesar Chavez RALLY for New York State Farmworker Rights
Every worker needs to embrace solidarity, particularly farmworkers who now face the prospect of ICE swooping down on them. Join up with the NYCLU, the Hispanic Federation and other groups in a rally to urge passage of the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act, which will among other things set an 8-hour day for farmworkers and allow them to collectively bargain.
FREE, Thursday, March 30, 11 a.m., Steps of City Hall

ACT UP: 30th Anniversary March and Rally
It's been 30 years since ACT UP started their AIDS activism to confront a world that wasn't interested in dealing with the disease. And while no one in the White House press room is yukking it up about HIV and AIDS these days (yet), there's still work to be done in solving the global health crisis. So, get out there and march to demand an end to AIDS, a defense of human rights and the expansion of affordable health care and coverage.
FREE, Thursday, March 30, 4 p.m., AIDS Memorial | 200-218 West 12th Street

The Affordable Care Act and Social Justice
Health care intersects with so many other social justice issues, like the fights against racism and sexism and income inequality. You can learn the exact ways this happens at this panel discussion hosted by Caring for Us Indivisible and the Human Rights Association of NYU's College of Global Public Health, so that when you hit the streets and talk with people about the issues of the day, you can confidently talk about the need for quality health care for all. Oh, plus, free dinner!
FREE, Thursday, March 30, 6 p.m., 726 Broadway, 7th Floor

Latino Rally
The Trump administration is screwing up a lot of stuff, but one thing they actually seem to be pretty good at is terrorizing immigrants. Take a stand with your Latinx brothers and sisters on Cesar Chavez Day to say no to the wall, no to mass deportations and no to Trump's history of derogatory comments about the Latinx people.
FREE, Friday, March 31, 4 p.m., U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, 26 Federal Plaza

NYC's 32nd Annual April Fools' Day Parade—It's a Trumpathon
Donald Trump has been named "King of Fools" before New York City's April Fool's Day Parade has even started, and in order to "honor" the president for this achievement, parade organizers are hoping to set the world record for largest gathering of Donald Trump lookalikes. Presumably all of these lookalikes will also be lurching around in comical fashion showing just what a dummy our April Fool president is. In addition to a bunch of masked Trump impersonators, this bit of street theater will also have a brass band, a huge Trump Golden Ass float and confetti made from shredded up InfoWars and Breitbart articles. Sounds fun.
FREE, Saturday, April 1, noon, Fifth Avenue and 59th Street

Black Lives Matter! End Trump and De Blasio's War on Black People
Bill de Blasio has positioned himself as the anti-Trump mayor, and Donald Trump has been happy to rant about him in the past because he's a thin-skinned idiot baby. However, it's worth remembering that de Blasio refuses to let go of Broken Windows policing, which can put undocumented immigrants at risk even if they commit extremely low-level crimes. If you don't like this, come out with People's Power Assemblies, NYC Shut It Down and more groups to call for an end to Broken Windows policing and a continuation of New York's status as a sanctuary city.
FREE, Saturday, April 1, 2 p.m., Herald Square