The New Yorker revealed the cover of this week's issue, which comments on Hurricane Sandy, the blackouts of lower Manhattan, and the upcoming election. Artist Adrian Tomine described how he ended up connecting the storm's destruction with the election: “Where I was in Brooklyn, I don’t think I would have even known that there was a major storm happening,” he said. "So I spent the whole night glued to the Internet and watching everything unfolding, just being shocked that this kind of dramatic destruction was happening just miles outside my home. And I started thinking about how it would affect the election...and somehow these two significant events just came together into that one image for me."

Tomine, who has a new book out featuring his extensive and always excellent work for the magazine, further explained:

For all its really horrible effects, I feel like the storm has made real a lot of issues in the election that were hypothetical, that were thrown around as debate topics—global warming; and Is Obama enough of a leader to handle a natural disaster?; and Do we need FEMA? It’s really interesting, and in a way useful, to see a lot of these things become actual issues that are right at hand.