If it's Monday, it's another great new interviewer! Gothamist has been enjoying the past couple weeks of guest interviewers (read their interviews at the Gothamist Interview), and we look forward to many more before we announce the new interviewer in October. And this week, our interviewer is Josh Abraham:

Josh Abraham is a writer and artist living in N.Y.C. He is coeditor of Yankee Pot Roast, the journal of literary satire. All his creative faculties routinely seize up in some muddled hybrid of writer’s block and stage fright whenever he is called upon to write a short biography of himself -- in the third person, no less --because he can’t possibly imagine how best to pithily summarize a life that is completely devoid of world records, gold statues, or even a notable patent without sounding like a big failure. His accomplishments are small, but he doesn’t know how to casually bring them up, because he can never find the safe middle between braggadocio and humility. Ultimately, he knows that writing about self-caginess in a bio is a meta-cliché, and that hackiness will haunt his dreams. Anyway, his first book, which he coauthored, will be in bookstores sometime in 2005. Well, there goes the humility. He’s also allergic to cats.

Today's interview is with Kenny Kramer, the inspiration for Kramer on Seinfeld and a hero of ours at Gothamist.