If you hear gunfire down by Zuccotti Park this weekend, DON'T PANIC! It's probably not protesters fighting over the newly-installed porta potties. The Dark Knight Rises is back to filming in Manhattan on and around Wall Street this weekend—and according to DNAInfo, they've posted notices around the neighborhood to let people know they'll be using fake gunfire.

"The scenes we will be filming will have simulated gunfire and automatic weapon fire," the notice from Subconscious Productions said. The filming will take place on Saturday and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.—affected blocks include parts of Wall Street, Broadway, Beaver Street, William Street, Broad Street, Pine Street, Pearl Street, Water Street, Front Street, Old Slip and Battery Place.

The movie shoot shifted to Newark this past week, where stars Anne Hathaway (in costume as Catwoman) and Christian Bale were both spotted; a Batwing was also seen on a rooftop in Manhattan. Even if you didn't get cast as an extra, there's still one other way you can participate in the blockbuster movie: composer Hans Zimmer is asking anyone interested to help him create “the sound of a worldwide chant” for the film’s soundtrack by recording themselves at this website. As the AV Club points out, the chant kind of sounds like..."dishy possum."