Everyone in New York, it seems, wants to make it big. But with so many people competing, work falls by the wayside, dreams get dashed and people get rejected. Which is the foundation for Jon Friedman’s Rejection Show, this Wednesday at P.S. 122. The show embraces the rejected material of professional and amateur writers, comedians, cartoonists, artists, and human beings, who display their creative “failures” live on stage. Of course many of the performers are contributors for The Daily Show, The New Yorker and even star on Arrested Development, so quit feeling sorry for yourself, even these guys have their critics. This week the show welcomes comedian Liam McEneany, cartoonist Matt Diffee, mayoral candidate Andy Horwitz and many more.

The Rejection Show – Wednesday @ 8pm - $7 Tickets Available here

2005_06_artssara.jpgThis week on the live talk show Sara Schaefer Is Obsessed With You, Sara’s couch welcomes novelist Chris Genoa and singer Lisa Loeb. We are impressed with Schafer’s growing list of people who have allowed her to be obsessed with them and love that every week she invites an actor who has been on Law and Order, even if they just played a dead body.

SSIOWY – Friday @ 8pm - 24 Bond Street.

2005_06_artsgashole.jpgGashole is one of Gothamist’s favorite cabaret shows in the city. We fell in love with their act during their revue of 80’s hits which was called Ice Gasholes - Gothamist always loves a good pun and that one still makes us giggle. On top of Michael Holland and Karen Mack’s ability to brilliantly harmonize and orchestrate music, their comedic timing and banter is the best reason for checking them out. In their current show, the duo celebrates pop music's bastard stepchildren…the #2 singles from throughout the years.

Gashole – Saturday June 18 @ 8pm – Downstairs at the Encore $15 cover, $10 food minimum

And finally, as if the UCB didn’t already have enough shows to satisfy your lust for alternative comedy, check out Crash Test, their new variety show hosted by Aziz Ansari on Mondays at 11pm and School Night, hosted by Justin Purnell, at 11pm on Wednesdays. This coming week Crash Test welcomes Andres du Bouchet and Bobby Tisdale among others, and School Night has Jackie Clarke, Seth Morris, Mantzoukas & St. Clair and many more.