Who would you rather (financially support): Silent Barn or James Franco?

The artistic director of PS 122 has teamed up with Praxis and none other than Mr. James Franco to launch a Kickstarter campaign to financially support a museum that houses imaginary objects. It is called the Non-Visible Museum and you can buy fake things in it for real money—in other words, you'll receive a card describing a piece of artwork that doesn't actually exist. How much do paper cards go for these days? The team is looking to raise $5,000 (but are already up to over $13,000!).

Moving along to an artistic group that actually needs money in order to survive, we revisit Silent Barn. Over the weekend they had $15,000 of equipment stolen, and their space violently trashed. They just launched a Kickstarter, where they've set their goal at $40,000 (so far they've reached $12,450). Their new plan includes rebuilding the space, including safety and security, and even adding a garden.