In a city full of struggling artists, the last thing we need to hear is Julia Roberts doing an AOL voiceover that could have paid for our dinner. It just isn't fair when too much is never enough for some people. The ubiquitous celebrity author would be another example of this phenomena. Why, WHY?!
Fortunately the Lit Lite Lousy Literature Reading Series exists. The series continues its celebration of the worst books ever written this week at Elmo. This week's featured literary train wrecks include works by many a celebrity author. Exploring the notion that “Fiction Can Be Bad For You” selected passages will be read from Ethan Hawke’s debut tour de force The Hottest State and Naomi Campbell’s “supermodel mystery” (which in itself is a phrase we hope we get to use more often) Swan, among others. The “special line-up of cripples, queers, coloreds and creeps” performing includes Greg Walloch, Flotilla de Barge, and America’s Favorite Hostess, Sweetie. The reading series runs every Tuesday this month.

LitLite.gifTuesdays in May @ 9:00 pm beginning
Elmo Lounge - 7th Avenue @ 20th St.

Later this week, a review of the wicked retahded foray into Massachusetts-themed theatah that IS Massholia.