Re-enactors firing their weapons during a simulation of the Battle of Brooklyn, in 2008. (Photograph by Seth Wenig/AP)

Every year the Battle of Brooklyn is recreated at Green-Wood Cemetery, and this year that's happening this Sunday! (If you spot any re-enactors, send us your photos!) Here's our recap of what exactly went down back in 1776; it was the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War.

The re-enactment is performed every year "in memory of the brave patriots who fought for our country’s independence in this first battle after the signing of the Declaration of Independence"—there will also be trolley tours, tributes, and a parade. Here are more photos from 2008's event.

Today, there's a modern day battle going on in the borough, where local activists are rallying for a dig they hope will unearth Revolutionary War artifacts, even though there's some uncertainty if the area they're eying really was an outpost from the battle.