The New York Post sent local hypebeasts on a frantic newspaper-buying spree on Monday, after the tabloid unveiled a wraparound cover featuring an advertisement for the highly-coveted streetwear brand Supreme.

As typically happens when Supreme rolls out an unusual collaboration, the product was quickly snatched up by the brand's rabid young fan base of dedicated line-standers. By rush hour this morning, most newspapers across the city appeared to be sold out, with one newsstand owner in SoHo telling us that he was out of copies by 7:30 a.m. Those desperate for the paper advertisement—or for the latest news on our crime-infested and under-policed city—can try their luck on eBay, where the "RARE COMPLETE SET!!!" is going for around $50.

"It’s 9:40am now as I write this and they’re completely sold out everywhere," wrote one seller, who's hawking a dozen copies on the site. "How do I know? I tried to get more and there aren’t anymore. Early bird gets the worm!"

While this is hardly out of the ordinary for Supreme, whose "drops" are known to cause overnight lines and near-riots, one wonders whether this proves to be a transformative day for the news industry. "This is the first time I ever bought a newspaper," an 18-year-old told the Cut. "I've never wanted a newspaper so bad in my life until now," another wrote on Instagram.

New York Post on newsstands now. @nypost

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And so, after a touch-and-go couple of years, it seems we've finally found an answer to journalism's profitability problem.