Everyone loves a good old fashioned viral food eating animal. You've got your Pizza Rat, your Donut Rat, your Milkshake Squirrel (and his racist cousin, Milkshake Duck), your Bagel Pigeon and of course the most recent iteration, Irate WFAN Caller Whom Missed A Train. Each of them delightful in their own way, each one racking up hundreds, thousands of Facebook "likes," helping move the viral content factory along for just one more day. And now joining that club, we present to you, Taco Shell Squirrel. You'll share it, you'll share anything.

This squirrel eating a taco is all of us, eh? Who among us does not enjoy a fried corn tortilla filled with all sorts of delicacies, preferably consumed while sitting naked in a tree. Although actually, on second thought, perhaps the Famous Squirrel is all of us because it's consuming an empty taco shell, much in the same way that all of us desperately consume, man—despite having been robbed of a number of essential ingredients necessary to actually enjoy the consumption. Relatable AF!

I mean look, I'm not sitting here blaming anyone for snapping and then tweeting a picture of a squirrel up in a tree eating a taco shell. Look at that thing! The shell is as big as the squirrel, it would be like if you were just casually walking down the street eating a big old party sub. And so that's how we wind up here, with another person chiming in on Twitter to alert us over at Gothamist that hey there's a squirrel eating people food in a tree. We better move fast on it though, because BuzzFeed was also tagged in a tweet from another user of Twitter who suggested the two animals who love food could be friends. Can a rat and a squirrel even be friends? On the Rescue Rangers it was a mouse and a chipmunk, so I don't think the question has been answered yet.

But then I guess that the photo tweeter isn't all that innocent either, considering how she used the opportunity to tell Pizza Rat to "move over," as if Pizza Rat wasn't probably dead by now, Is any animal eating people food just another member of Menudo to plug in when another one ages out? By the way, am I the only one who doesn't totally hate the Twitter redesign?

Anyway, the sad fact of the matter is that nothing will ever be Pizza Rat again. No, not even Pizza Rag. Pizza Rat's struggle contained multitudes of New York things, like rats and subways and pizza and horror and filth—things you just shrug your shoulders at or defiantly yell, "Hey, I'm walkin' here!" at. What is Taco Shell Squirrel, the squirrel in love with a taco shell in a tree? If this were L.A. maybe it would have more of an impact because their whole thing is tacos, right? Do they have trees there though? I don't know, I've never been and sometimes worry I'm not good looking enough to be welcomed there.

In conclusion, Taco Squirrel! This squirrel really loves taco shells!