Remember when you used to go to Cyclones games with your ex and you laughed and laughed, shoving spoonfuls of ice cream sundaes in each other's mouths and squeezing thighs at every foul ball? Well, those days died after you cashed that check from Joey Greco, but you can still make one last visit to Coney Island to bury their memory forever. This Saturday is "Trash Your Ex" day at the Cyclones' MCU Park. Fans are encouraged to bring their relationship relics to the Sanitation trucks waiting outside the stadium—photos, stuffed animals, the piece of gum you shared for a week, trash bags of what appear to contain severed limbs—whatever you need to let go of your ex for good.

The event reminded us a lot of the Disco Demolition, but a press representative couldn't confirm whether or not there will be a "climax" of sorts, where the crowd can watch the stuff get compacted and then they can go back to watching their baseball game, alone. BUT: the first 3,000 people through the gate will receive a Sandy the Seagull bobblehead, and Sandy will be wearing a Sanitation Department uniform, because it's Sanitation Appreciation night and because Sandy wants to remind you that you won't be down in the dumps forever.

Fans are also encouraged to send "new photos of themselves with friends, solo, or out & about having a great time," or maybe just photos of themselves holding empty ice cream tubs and weeping, or arguing with their new boyfriends or girlfriends, or whatever, to They'll run the pictures on the big screen during the game. The Cylones are facing off against the Auburn Doubledays at 6 p.m. (which is a double bonus if your ex is from Auburn) and actually have a winning record, unlike your series of failed relationships. Tickets start at $9.