There is a time for sitting on your fire escape with a sack of $2 tall boys and a time to break a $100 bill on a card-cheating tutorial in a Chinatown mall. This Saturday, it's cheating time.

For three hours on August 22, the New York Obscura Society is turning 88 Palace (home to many a dim sum dance party) into a "Chinatown gambling den."

According to the event's website, the evening will feature "an assortment of brilliant con men, slight of hand experts, and practitioners of the dark mathematic arts," including Sal "The Hitman" Piacente, who boasts that "his passion for knowledge of the different ways to cheat at all the casino games grew so tremendously that he made a career out of it." (We only scored a 2 on the Dark Mathematic Arts AP exam.)

There will also be opportunities to "gamble" and use your new tricks to win prizes, and guests are encouraged to "break out your best Vintage Vegas attire."

If this sounds too much like that time Uncle Dan dragged you to Elks Club "Casino Night," three hours of classic cocktails and the presence of Sammy Miller and the Congregation should assuage those doubts. Make no mistake: the New York Obscura Society knows how to throw a party.

The event goes from 10 p.m. til 1 a.m. Tickets are $85.00 (plus a $3.12 service charge), so you might want to leave the Tinder date out of this one.