(Courtesy of the Public Art Fund)

A new text sculpture is being installed a a few piers from Deborah Kass's bright yellow OY/YO piece at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Main Street lawn. On May 4th, Martin Creed's massive neon "Understanding" sign will be unveiled at Pier 6, the Public Art Fund has announced.

The steel piece is 25-feet-tall and is described as a "rotating ruby red neon sculpture" that will radiate over the Park's southernmost pier and the East River, making it visible from Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well. From the Public Art Fund:

The beam will spin at varying speeds, sometimes moving slowly and other times at a faster pace; the rhythm will be determined by a computerized program designed by Creed. The post stands in the center of a stepped base reminiscent of a ziggurat that will act as seating for park visitors. From Pier 6, the work will be highly visible—a luminous sign with a clear and poignant message—while visually interacting with the City’s well-known skyline.

The sculpture—Creed's largest to date—will be on view through October 23rd, 2016, partially coinciding with his exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory, which will run from June 8th through August 7th.