While some New York City animals exist as metaphors for your commute, labor in the shadow of Pizza Rat, get unfairly pressured to be The Next Big Viral Animal or just flop down subway stairs exhaustedly, New York City's other animal friends are just trying to go about their lives. For instance, check out this rat dragging a dead pigeon around Central Park, pretty cool, huh?

The tipster who sent this video (full disclosure: a friend yeah that's right I have friends), sent it to me with the subject line "Central Park Pallbearer Rat." And while it would be fun to imagine that, in some kind of Disneyfied universe of singing anthropomorphic animals, this rat has a job as a pallbearer and is dragging this pigeon to its final resting place, we all know that's not true.

This rat is just dragging a dead pigeon into the bushes to feast on its guts, because after all, you gotta eat. And because we live in a system in which so much of our surplus value is hoarded by the few and not the many, you also gotta work to eat. Well, we can all agree that this rat is putting in the work to earn his or her feast. But are you? Probably not, seeing as how you're futzing about reading Gothamist dot com in your office. But thank you for that.