2006_11_arts_sub%3Betplay.gifActual New York apartments will provide the setting for something called "The Sublet Experiment". The play, a romantic comedy, will take place in a different subletted apartment each weekend - instead of a regular 'ol theater.

The production will not only change spaces every weekend, but will also travel from neighborhood to neighborhood across the five boroughs.

The play itself is described as "a comic thriller about love, identity and identity theft as two young people try to find themselves, but end up finding each other." The playwright, Ethan Youngerman, says “New Yorkers are so obsessed with real estate because where you live has a huge effect on how you live.” We wonder how someone with a bathtub in their kitchen has their life affected by that.

Will the play take on a new dynamic in each borough? Only one way to find out...

The play runs Thursday through Sunday, beginning November 16th. Performances are at 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays and at 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Since the location changes each weekend, you'll have to visit their website for those details. Tickets are $20.