Photo via @bndo on instagram

It was 39 years ago this week that Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti. The album cover, which was shot on St. Marks Place, features two buildings which still stand today—currently one has a shop in it called Physical GraffiTea. Just think of how confused Time Traveler Robert Plant was when he stumbled back upon this familiar place from his past, with everything around him looking like a warped and distant version of his album cover.

We're told the photo—which has gone criminally unseen until now—was shot in October 2012, and "there was a small film crew following him around. The stop at the store was pretty quick, he walked down the stairs, but didn't go in." Physical GraffiTea is pretty small, so maybe he was worried about being trampled under foot? It is also possible they were sold out of custard pies, isn't it?