This afternoon, alongside Brooklyn Borough President and cheerleader Marty Markowitz, members of the press were escorted on a walk-through showing the Squibb Park Bridge construction progress. We first learned of the pedestrian bridge last year, and now the spans are set to go up starting next weekend—installation will take place at night starting on December 14th (Furman Street will be closed during this process).

The bridge will connect Brooklyn Heights via Squibb Park to DUMBO via Brooklyn Bridge Park (where the completed spans are currently sitting), providing an additional way to navigate around the BQE. At today's walk-through we spoke with chief engineer and bridge designer Ted Zoli (of HNTB Corporation), who told us the bridge is made of black locust wood (which can be found elsewhere in Brooklyn Bridge Park) and galvanized cable. Due to its lightweight design, it will give a fun little bounce to those walking across it. And while cyclists won't be allowed to ride across the bridge, they can certainly walk their steeds across.

The safety guards/handrails will stand 42" high but will still provide those using the bridge uninterrupted views—those will be made of the same wood, combined with stainless steel mesh. (When asked if there was a concern about jumpers, Zoli noted that the guards would be difficult get over, and "jumpers aren't drawn to pedestrian bridges.") The highest the bridge will reach is 50-feet, near Squibb Park.

Click through for photos of the bridge spans as they stand now, and renderings of what it will look like once complete.