0805toh.jpgExciting news for homeowners: for the first-time ever, This Old House is coming to New York City. Bob VilaKevin O'Connor & Co. are currently looking for a home to renovate in the area ("a great old house in need of help, with plenty of things to save and update"). Some more details on what they're looking for:

The project's scope must be "just right"— not a whole house, but more than just a kitchen. The renovation must be completed in about 4 to 5 months, with construction beginning as early as August and finished by December. The ideal project should already be underway with design plans and have the ability to be “fast-tracked.”

Renovations are funded by the homeowner (though the show likely gets some nice discounts), and there are more details here if you are seriously considering it. It would be nice to see the Anthony Avenue mansion in the Bronx get some love, or the rooftop house in Williamsburg (though the show would like for the entries to be "historic"). What other homes could use some touching up?

For renters with homeowner envy and network TV, episodes featuring the NYC renovation porn will air on PBS starting early 2009.

Photo titled "Bob Villa" in DUMBO via SdosRemedios's Flickr.