As we know—having visited areas like Brighton Beach and Mill Basin—sections of the South Brooklyn waterfront are very similar to Miami. At least some sort of collective subconscious image of Miami formed between the years 1984 and when Crockett and Tubbs were recruited to protect Gen. Manuel Borbon. And if you'd like to get in on this little slice of Floridian heaven, step right up... to 2219 East 73rd Street in Bergen Beach. This $949,000 home just went on the market.

From the outside, it looks like a simple and sleek, all-white homage to modernism:


And on the inside, it looks like some very poor decisions were made sometime in the '80s:


The listing, via Curbed, notes that the "ultra modern home for a special buyer" features a deck off the kitchen, two walk-in closets, a jacuzzi, "beautiful angles," a heated pool, and don't even think you're getting your paws on those chandeliers that we can't even find in any of the photos, the agents note they are not coming with the home.