Was Sinead O'Connor just using the open letter to Miley Cyrus to get press for her upcoming tour? Who knows, but we choose to believe her sentiment was a sincere (and very well put) one. Was Miley Cyrus really mean to Sinead O'Connor after the two open letters were published? Yep, but she's young and young people are often impulsive and not very nice. Were Cyrus's non-controversial, fully-clothed performances of her songs on this weekend's SNL a mature nod of understanding in O'Connor's direction? Probably not, but they did showcase her natural talent.

Whatever you think of their open dialogue last week, we recommend listening to this mashup from producer/DJ/remixer Robin Skouteris, who brought together "Wrecking Ball" and "Nothing Compares 2 U" in the most perfect way possible. No more open letters, just this:

Now can someone mash up that acoustic "We Can't Stop" with "The Last Day Of Our Aquaintance"?

[via Jezebel]