Potential ONE°15 client
Brooklyn Bridge Park

used to offer blissfully uncrowded patches of lawn in which you could picnic on in relative peace. This lasted for the first couple of years of its existence, but since then the area has become hyper-developed. There are luxury condos, basketball courts, shuffleboard courts, a beach, a soccer field, vendors, 800 screaming children on any given day, a roller and ice skating rink, bars, and All Of The Tourists. Still, something's missing, right? If you've been worried about where those luxury condo owners will dock their yachts, you can sleep well tonight knowing a marina is being developed just steps from their doorsteps, between Piers 4 and 5.

ONE°15 is the first new marina to come to NYC in decades, and while pricing is still being determined, they will offer plenty of space (there are 102 slips) for sloops of all sizes, accommodating boats ranging from 16' to 250'. Even those with piddly 16-footers will be allowed in the members-only Harbor Club though, just be prepared to be razzed by Thurston after he's had a couple whiskey gingers.


There will also be a Sail Club & School, and the Marina will dedicate two percent of marina revenue towards community programming "that will make boating and kayaking available to residents of all ages, abilities, and incomes." (Kayaking is already free two piers down, btw.) In total, 25% of the marina is dedicated to the community.

Arthur Tay, Chairman of SUTL Group (and "the visionary" behind ONE°15, which also exists in Singapore) released this statement: "As we looked to expand the brand into international destinations we identified the perfect opportunity in Brooklyn with the vibrant, lush public spaces of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Manhattan skyline backdrop and open water."

Construction will be completed this fall, and a grand opening is expected in the spring of 2016, when one and all are welcome to celebrate Tay's ONE°15 brand expansion.