This just in from Stereogum, Karen O recordings were found in TV on the Radio guitarist, Dave Sitek's, old Brooklyn apartment. This seems like an indie rock time capsule to us, opened a little bit too soon. The inscription, written by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer, on the cd cover reads:


And all the woe that moved so that he gave that Bitter cry
And the Wild regrets and Bloody sweats none knew so well as I,
For He who lives more lives than one,
more Deaths that one must Die,
Oscar Wilde
We're in it For the Long Haul Kid, we feel, cuz we're Real
All The love + safe travels + goodluck

The 'gum points to Dreams of Horses for mp3s from the cd. This makes us wonder what else is floating around this city, in old apartments, in old bar room walls, at stoop sales. Start looking for loose floorboards in your apartment...

UPDATE: Dave Sitek responds, with remarks like: "thank you. i am due to learn a new kind of forgiveness. a kind that all of of humanity will need to learn as we betray eachother, hurt eachother...".

We hope that this comment is not about a few Karen O tracks being heard by others from a cd he left behind in his old apartment, but about something much much bigger and much more important than SONGS BEING HEARD.