On Friday night, the Pokémon Go Zombie Apocalypse got an official Bushwick bar party. Because there's nothing more cool than drinking PBR and evolving your Eevee at the same time.

Professional Pokemon Go trainer Ivy St. Ive hosted the party at Father Knows Best, with promises of free PBR and well shots for anyone in Poké Cosplay. Ahead of the party, bar owners Christopher Taha and Colleen Makary told Buskwick Daily they were "super stoked that kids and adults are getting off their butts, having fun, and being active." (They also boasted their backyard is near a Pokéstop and there are gyms nearby—and promised to drop lures.)

The crowd at showed up seemed mixed in Pokénthusiam: Our photographer Sai Mohktari observed that about half the crowd was "regulars who weren't necessarily planning on coming for the Pokémon—but most of those people just whipped out their phones and started catching Pokémon in the background while they all hung out because everyone clearly has this game on their phones anyway."

Decked out in Pokémon gear (in fact, one of the few to actually dress up), Ive told us that she can take on anybody, but lately it's been getting harder to keep up. Apparently there are 10-year-old on Ive's block who are surpassing her (in numbers though). Ive hasn't been able to play as much as before because she's been working on that book deal. Well, obviously she needs an intern—is Darren finished with his gig at Kramerica Industries?