Most of us will never know Taylor Swift's New York—which is paved with glittering cobblestone, bathed in the light of a thousand sunsets, and always smells like baked goods—but what's really unfortunate is that she'll never know a real New York. This is essentially why her "Welcome to New York" anthem was criticized as being tone-deaf by those of us who do not live in a $20 million penthouse in Tribeca. But hey, let's not hate on her for being successful, okay? Taylor Swift is kind of owning New York right now, albeit Tourist New York, and has worked the New York brand to her advantage via a meticulously-planned marketing strategy. As her new album 1989 (which aside from that one song we are actually really enjoying) hits iTunes, here's today's T. Swift headlines, from our inbox:

  • "Superstar Taylor Swift to Headline America's Biggest Celebration of the Year" — which is, according to this press release, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest. This makes sense.
  • "NYC & Company Announces Taylor Swift as New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador." This makes less sense, but either way, for the next year they'll be running a "Welcome To New York" campaign which "celebrates how welcoming New York City is to everyone, inviting the world to visit New York City and explore its five boroughs. As New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador, Taylor will showcase the City’s unparalleled vibrancy that inspired her to write 'Welcome To New York,' reinforced by the refrain 'It’s been waiting for you.'" Does this mean Taylor's going to The Bronx?
  • "Music superstar Taylor Swift is performing live in Times Square in a special ticketed concert on Good Morning America on October 30th, 2014." Prepare to be engulfed by the screams of All The Tweenagers Times Square can fit this Thursday.

Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift—please put on a disguise at some point and explore it all.