Last night, two people were stabbed and one person was bitten at Webster Hall during the Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All show for the CBGB Festival. Police arrested Harley Flanagan, former bassist and founding member of Cro-Mags, for the attacks; he's been charged with assault and criminal weapons possession. Witnesses say Flanagan was heated up pre-show, before storming into the VIP area: “I talked to him outside minutes before it happened and I knew something was going to go down,” a witness told Horns Up Rocks. “He was like a lunatic outside. Next thing I know he’s in the VIP area stabbing people!”

“Someone was yelling, ‘Get his hands, get his hands, he’s got a knife!’ ” witness Dave Gustav told the Post. “Everything went nuts.” Flanagan suffered a broken leg by the time security pinned him down, according to witnesses. He was handcuffed, restrained to a chair and taken out (as you can see in the picture above, via Bowery Boogie). “People started booing him and throwing stuff at him,” eyewitness Justin Brannan said. “His hands were handcuffed but he still gave everyone the finger.”

The show was cancelled, the club was closed for the evening, and two victims were taken to Bellevue with non-life threatening injuries. They are believed to be Cro-Mags current bassist Michael Couls, who was cut on his arm and stomach, and musician William Berario, who was slashed above the eye and bitten on his cheek.