Last week LCD Soundsystem announced their last show ever, which will take place at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd. Tickets went on sale today, and as expected... it's an aggravating time for fans. A reader told us:

"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that there's a mini-revolt trending on Twitter and Facebook over this LCD Soundsystem ticketing process. A group of friends and I all tried on both the pre-sale date and today to buy tickets at the precise moment they went on sale, and they were immediately sold out. There's no way MSG sells the entire show out like that instantly, but, according to one estimate I read, StubHub has a high percentage of tickets available. Some of them are now on sale at StubHub for thousands. I would love to see some legislative action taken against these bottom-feeders."

Currently StubHub has nearly 1,000 tickets for sale—including a set of 17 for $11,000, and a set of 3 for $10,000. Before you pull the trigger and get ripped off, even James Murphy says, "No matter what we do, it is not worth that kind of money to see us!" Seriously, it's not like they're playing in your house (your house).

Murphy also called the website "barely legal," told the owners to "eat shit," and added that no fan would price tickets that high (follow along on Twitter). Currently, StubHub isn't responding to his Tweets, they just wanna know if there are any Islanders or Penguins fans out there.

Until this mess gets straightened out, just stay calm. We just came back from the future and, spoiler alert: this isn't really their last show ever.