The upcoming motion picture Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish, is probably going to be beautifully awful, but at least it has given us this: a nearly perfect prank.

As part of their promotional roll-out for the film (hitting screens October 20th), unwitting cab riders (who somehow didn't turn off Taxi TV) found themselves watching an "alarming" breaking news segment featuring NY1's Pat Kiernan. In the alert, Kiernan declares that part of the tri-state area is "experiencing sudden and extreme drops in temperature... very rapidly... [and] reports of other ice storms are coming in from around the globe." The signal is then lost, as the cab driver turns on to a block that's been transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with frozen pigeons dropping from the sky, and frosty New Yorkers on the sidewalk.

You can watch this very good prank here: