Everyone hoping to see Melissa McCarthy reprise her breathtaking Saturday Night Live appearance as tortured and torturesome White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got their wish. The show opened with a press briefing segment, and McCarthy, in Spicer drag, bellowed, "I'm calm now and I will remain calm! This is a new Spicey!"

She even took some of the real Spicer's notes about her performance and only had one piece a gum—a huge, novelty-size piece—before tearing into various topics: The various terrorist attacks the media refuses to report on; how President Trump will take the immigration ban to the People's Court; and Nordstrom's terrible decision to drop Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

"Spicer" then showed off a wrist, “That’s Nordstrom’s loss, because these are high, high-quality products. In fact, I’m wearing one of her bangles right now. It’s beautiful, it’s shimmery, it’s elegant. And it’s $39.99? It’s unbelievably affordable. OK?” Then McCarthy-as-Spicer yanked up her foot, showing off a women's pump, "And don’t get me started on her shoes, because these babies are a real head turner.”

We have to think having McCarthy wear Ivanka Trump accessories is a pointed dig at her father's apparent unhappiness that Spicer was portrayed by a woman. To wit: New Attorney General Jeff Sessions was played by Kate McKinnon, who said, "There are two kinds of crime: Regular and black."

SNL's "New Spicey" also had more demos with dolls, this time showing what happens with TSA with the immigration ban: Showing a Barbie doll, "We know she's OK because she's blonde," but with a Moana doll, "Uh oh, slow your rolll. We're gonna pat her down...and then we're going to read her emails and if we don't like the answers —which we won't —boom, Guantanamo Bay!"

"Spicer" also had a leaf blower to terrorize a reporter and a new, weaponized lectern: