Between the nearly indecipherable clock and that very shiny Andy statue, Union Square is no stranger to strange art (let alone strange people) so let's all give a New York welcome to the park's newest piece of public art! Miquel Barceló's 2008 piece Gran Elefandret, which is being set up today, will be living in the park through the end of May, 2012.

The 26-foot-tall bronze sculpture of an elephant standing on its trunk—which will live on the small planted divider between the actual park and that Au Bon Pain—is pretty impressive. Barceló manages to balance a massive amount of bronze onto one thin trunk. That the bronze beast's legs are all akimbo, with folds of skin going in every direction just makes it more fun. Also, it is kind of cute! And we're pretty sure this adorable guy doesn't advocate animal cruelty—even if he does seem to be doing a circus trick, and, well, we're pretty sure we're supposed to be wary of supporting circus elephants of any kind. Meh, we'll stick with it just being a cute statue.