You will never live in this place, or anything nearly as beautiful, but maybe just that it exists is nice? Just imagine how great it is for some family to wake up on a perfect Sunday spring day and retract the entire front side of their East 14th Street building so they can look out onto this great city. And down upon the rest of us. Or maybe some bachelor lives there, and will take some lucky lady back to his place at a respectable hour and pour her a nice glass of non-Rufied dry Merlot, put on some Van Morrison, and lift up the front of his building so they can look upon the twinkling street lights.

It's just nice to know that someone is enjoying this place. The good life. The dream. While the rest of us sit suffering in a claustrophobic studios, closing our eyes and envisioning a better life. Any other life. Maybe a life in this place. Or maybe just a place with a closet.

If you have $2.1 million to put towards The Dream, then you too can have a retractable facade on your apartment. You can have THIS retractable facade. Located at 224 East 14th Street, the place was designed by architect Bill Peterson, who "gave it a very unique renovation, sheathing the ground floor in a perforated metal screen and outfitting the second floor with a fully-retractable facade/wall that flips open like a garage door, the effect of which is that the owner, if he or she chooses, can sit around a living room with no street-facing wall." There's also a garage door type thing on the other side, facing a goddamn private garden with a cabana. On second thought, fuck these people.

[via Curbed]