Remember when bathtubs in kitchens were old behemoths coated in the grit of eras past? When you'd walk in and see the bathtub shooting up in its clawfoot? When you'd come home to find police tape wrapped around your kitchen shower curtain? Those days are over, friend. Luxury kitchen showers have taken over, and they've never even stabbed a man.

This Williamsburg apartment is going for $1950/month, and features all the normal apartment things, along with this sleek kitchen shower. It's the kitchen shower New Williamsburg deserves.


And it sits directly across from the fridge, which is very Kramer-inspired.


Luckily, we still have romantic comedies featuring young women moving to Manhattan for the first time, and emptying out their sock money for a shoddy pad with a cinematically perfect clawfoot right there in the kitchen. Just like the good ol' days.