2006_11_butt2.jpgWhat people will do at sample sales! Sure, they'll stomp all over you or strip down to see if the clothes fit, but creating fake booty? Brilliant!

Page Six has this hilarious item about shoplifters at an adam+eve sample sale. A customer noted that "four large women in trench coats" had been stealing some things, but when adam+eve designer Adam Lippes asked them to take off their coats, it got crazy.

One woman tried distracting Lippes by pulling open her shirt exposing her breasts and yanking open her pants while shrieking, "What are you trying to say? Look! I ain't got nothing on me!" Lippes, unfazed, insisted the women take off their coats. Inside them, he found "huge fake butts made of nylon in which they had stuffed over $7,000 worth of clothing apiece," [design director Mark] Leffam said. Lippes and his staff kept the perps at the studio until police arrived. "They started begging and crying and went away in handcuffs," he said. At the station, police told Lippes "they found even more stuff hidden ... elsewhere." Eww.

Eww indeed! And what's more, apparently these women had been hitting many sample sales and selling the goods online and on street corners. But we can understand why they'd want to steal adam+eve stuff (not that we condone it!) - it's so pretty.

Image of foam butt, just $7.45, from Magic Markers