A younger, rowdier Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys probably never aspired to design a nice toile wallpaper, but here we are. Mike D has teamed up with Revolver, who says he "decided he wanted a Brooklyn inspired toile wallpaper that would line the walls of his Brooklyn brownstone. The vision was to pay tribute to all things Brooklyn in a way that would appear to be a traditional French Country Toile, but when you step to it the pattern reveals elements and vignettes that make up the truth about Brooklyn."

The wallpaper features Notorious B.I.G., Coney Island, Hasidic Jews, the elevated subway, the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Borough Hall, Nathan's hot dogs... what else can you spot?


The design comes in both blue and red, and... we want both. To cover a 12' wide x 10' high wall, it'll cost you around $1,000. But the beauty of Toile is that even a small well-placed square can be enough, and 5-square-feet will cost just around $40.