Because there can never be too many reasons for young women to dream about moving to Brooklyn and taking lots of Instagram pics while posing in front of graffiti, Brooklyn-based singer Catey Shaw has gone ahead and created this music video for her new single, "Brooklyn Girls." See below, and try to look away:

Naturally, all Brooklyn Girls live off the Morgan L stop ("Bitches live in Bushwick, they all live in Bushwick") and own a minimum of four rompers. They're also not really that "Brooklyn"; Shaw grew up in Virginia Beach and moved to NYC in 2010 to attend SVA.

Here are the lyrics, an ostensible send-up of Katy Perry's 2010 hit, California Gurls:

There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 Where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside Combat boots in the summer Subway train rollin’ under See her on the Lower East Side In her walk, there’s a fire And she’s got her own style You’ll get lost in her mystery And tonight she owns the city

Brooklyn girls
When they walk in, they rule the world
Brooklyn girls
Tough and pretty, break the rules
Brooklyn girls (x 4)

Jay-Z bumps in our headphones
Drinks on top of the brownstones
Get it on in the bathroom stall
Sunset girls acting prissy
Won’t get far in the city
We will freeze up your popsicle
‘Cuz we play rough and gritty
They all wanna catch our kitty
And there’s no use denyin’
That tonight we run the island


Wait for the L train
Bedford to Broadway…

And for comparison's sake, here's Charles Hamilton's 2008 single of the same name:

Shaw, who was once a contestant on celeb blogger Perez Hilton's "Can You Sing?" cover song competition, will be performing "Brooklyn Girls," and other selections from upcoming album Brooklyn EP, at Baby's All Right tomorrow night. Which, obviously, is in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn BROOKLYN Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn...