Brooklyn Heights, "America's First Suburb," is home to some of the more enviable domiciles in the city. Among the carriage houses and former mansions-turned-co-ops, there are a number of wooden structures, and one of them is now on the market for $10.5 million.

Situated behind Truman Capote's old apartment (inside 70 Willow Street, which he would sometimes insinuate he owned, but didn't), stands a 19th Century Federal-style house at 13 Pineapple Street, which the author wrote about in “A House on the Heights.”

I’m not much acquainted with the proper history of the Heights. However, I believe (but please don’t trust me), that the oldest house, the house still extant and functioning, belongs to our back-yard neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Broughton. A silvery gray, single-wood Colonial shielded by trees robustly leafed, it was built in 1790, the home of a sea captain.

According to the listing, the home is filled with period charm, wood burning fireplaces, bay windows, and other things you really don't need to hear about unless you have $10.5 million. It's also right near the Promenade, which you can likely get a partial view of from one of those bay windows. [via Curbed]