Between delayed F trains, project deadlines and attempting to actually have a social life during the summer (hello rooftop drinking and movies under the stars), building your professional network can be a pretty low priority. But what if meeting the right people for your career wasn’t so hard? Shapr makes it super easy to connect with professionals in the city who can actually make eye contact and who want to help you in your career.

Here’s how it works—you just plug in a few interests such as #graphicdesign or #cryptocurrency and let the app do the rest. Shapr will show you 10-15 people each day who share your interests and who would be up for a cup of coffee. Similar to dating apps, swipe right on the people you want to meet - only this time you’re swiping for professional reasons instead of late night hookups. When you match, just pick a time and place to meet - it’s way easier and less painful than handing out a stack of business cards at a happy hour.


Shapr makes it so easy to network that you can actually meet the right people while waiting in line for your iced coffee or stuck on a crosstown bus. Just swipe, connect, and start chatting with your future cofounder, mentor or boss!

So what are you waiting for? Download Shapr today!

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, Shapr.