Who needs Miami or Malibu when you can take the Q train to the Brighton Beach stop and be transported to a similar paradise, all while not having to leave NYC.

For a discounted rate of $8 million, you'll not only get this Manhattan Beach house, but 170-feet of private waterfront property—that's right, YOUR OWN BEACH. Maybe you'll share it with some lesser fortunate souls who got pipe-blocked in Rockaway? Don't let the money and property change you, man.

Anyway, you'll also get an outdoor infinity pool, a cabana, and a gazebo with a bar and BBQ. You're going to have so many new friends! If you're more of an indoor person, then you'll find comfort in one of the 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, chef's kitchen, or staring at your favorite flick via the movie projection system. There are also balconies, fireplaces, a roof deck with a bar, a jacuzzi on the terrace, a sauna, and an "adult playroom" that we have a lot of questions about.

Also, the Daily News notes that owners storm-proofed the place and the Army Corps of Engineers erected a waterfront storm barrier—so your material things and incredible wealth are untouchable. You will live forever in this dream home. [via Curbed]