There is this hashtag that I believe Jen Snow came up with on Instagram: #sometimesnewyorkcitylookslikethis, and that is exactly what I thought of when I saw this:


A little sidewalk door marked 340a on West 11th Street is a portal to a magical world that you can be a citizen of... if you have $675,000. That's how much a studio apartment is going for in the 19th Century "back house" at the address. It's damn charming, and will transport you to a more bucolic, old world Manhattan. Sometimes New York City looks like that.

The West Village apartment features a wood-burning fireplace, a little alcove for you to dream sweetly in, pure bliss, other things you'd expect in an apartment, like a stove, a bluebird that comes to your window every morning, and a courtyard. A private courtyard, but presumably you'll need to share it with 41 other units in the complex. Bonus: no upstairs neighbors, as this slice of heaven is on the top floor. [via Curbed]