Last year, 9 Jay Street and 67 Hudson went on the market—the former, a 25’ wide townhouse on the northwest corner of Jay and Staple. The latter, 67 Hudson #3AB, a condo/oversized loft. What made this property extra special is the footbridge that connects the two properties at the third floor over Staple Street Alley. Previous owner, fashion designer Zoran Ladicorbic, owned the bridge and used it to connect his apartment to his fashion studio. But what's inside these beautiful brick shells is underwhelming, it turns out.

The property currently has an asking price of $50,000,000, and for that you get what may possibly be the most depressing $50 million home in New York City. The stark interior looks like a place Patrick Bateman may slay one of his latest victims. Or a museum with no art. It's completely dead inside... or in real estate speak, has a lot of potential!

According to the listing the two properties measure out to about 7,570 square feet, all blank canvas for the future billionaire who purchases it.

The NY Times once reported on the properties more "handsome" day: "In 1907 the hospital built an annex (replacing the saloon/row house at Jay and Staple) as a stable and laundry, connecting it at the third-floor level using a pedestrian bridge. Although Staple Street was then just an industrial alley, the hospital had the architects Robertson & Potter design a handsome little building with a terra cotta plaque bearing the 'NYH' monogram on the Staple Street side. The monogram is still there."

Potential buyers: let us direct you to the magnificent "Pumpkin House," a steal at $5 million. [h/t Reddit]