via Modern Mechanix

In March of 1931, Modern Mechanix magazine featured a new safety device that could be attached to the front of a car or truck. The roller device was meant to prevent death or serious injury when a pedestrian was hit by a moving vehicle. They wrote:

"Trucks equipped with the new safety device will literally sweep a fallen pedestrian before it and thus save him from being crushed to almost certain death beneath the heavy wheels. The device consists chiefly of a grooved roller mounted on an extension arm in front of the wheels and geared to the engine. On coming in contact with a fallen pedestrian it tends to roll him ahead till the truck can be brought to a stop. Ordinarily, it projects out in front of the car, serving as a bumper, but is released immediately by the driver when there is a possibility of an accident."

In Paris there was a similar device—a "kind of shovel on a car" with the purpose of "reducing the number of casualties among pedestrians." None of these devices ever caught on, and do we really need to tell you why?