Jackson Browne is the latest musician to join the never-ending lineup at Zuccotti Park. He'll be playing today at 1 p.m., and actually has a long history of activism, and is one of the founders of the anti-nuclear organization Musicians United for Safe Energy. On a more political front, his 1986 album, Lives in the Balance, was an explicit condemnation of Reaganism and U.S. policy in Central America, and you may remember back in 2008 when he sued John McCain, the Ohio Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee for using his 1977 hit, "Running on Empty," in an attack advertisement against Barack Obama.

Shortly after Browne's announcement landed in our inbox, another one showed up announcing that Third Eye Blind would be playing right before him, at noon. Frontman Stephan Jenkins penned a song for the OWS protesters recently, so it was only a matter of time before he showed his face there. For now, here's a song he probably won't perform at Zuccotti today, which he sang to us a couple of years ago—it may or may not be about his crush on Rachel Maddow.